As a completely independent entity, Awesome China commit to ensure that students enrol in educational institutions in cities that they would like to live in, and with courses that will help  achieve their lifelong goals. That’s why we have short term and long- term holiday program for students.

Awesome China’s relationship with education institutions in China is very strong and we hope that our students receive the best possible assistance with their enrolment and the transition into and study in New Zealand.

We provide commercial and cultural exchange between countries which backed by the best advice and assistance possible.

With our courses, students will:

  • Improve Cultural Intelligence ( CQ)
  • Improve Communication Skills & Leadership Skills
  • Learn New Skills
  • Know how to protect the environment
  • See the bigger world and make some international friends
  • Create opportunity and quality lifestyle.

Opportunities for educational courses include the following alumni.

Environmental Education Volunteer programs are held in association with:

Camping and Volunteering in New Zealand are popular pastimes. New Zealand is just like a 3D geographic textbook Children can explore the earth and discover: mountains, villages, forests, glaciers, starry sky, sounds of nature, conservation, and wildlife while visiting New Zealand.

Awesome China provides opportunities for confidence and team building such as rock climbing, kayaking, horse riding and other outdoor activities. Life skills and a range of communication skills are gained also through these courses.

We can also arrange other courses as: Public Speaking, Teenager Leadership Skills, IT Courses, Volunteer training, Parenting courses, Introduction to AI and Robotics.